The Mythology Class by Arnold Arre

I have been looking for this book for a while before my good friend, Illustrator, Don Tantiado told me that he has a copy of this graphic novel by Arnold Arre.

The Mythology Class (won the National Book Awards in 2000) is a graphic novel about a group of teens formed by Mrs. Enkanta (a hero from the past) to hinder the dark forces destined to return – to  once again, spread terror and to revive their ringleader. Continue reading “The Mythology Class by Arnold Arre”

Ang Titser Ko

(larawan ni Nathan Dumlao)

Ayon nga sa kasabihan, ang ating mga guro/titser ay ang ikalawa nating mga magulang. Totoo ‘yon mga tol. Dahil sila ang nangangaral at nagtuturo sa’tin sa labas ng bahay. Kaya sa ayaw at sa gusto natin, kahit badtrip pa tayo dahil madalas tayo noong mapagalitan (na malamang dahil na rin sa mga ka-ungasan natin), ay may utang na loob pa rin tayo sa kanila.

Pero mga tol, matagal na silang dehado. Matagal na matagal na. Continue reading “Ang Titser Ko”

Paco Llarañaga and family should thank Viva Films

Yes, you read it right. And I said it not to ridicule Paco Larrañaga or Viva due to the latter’s latest film titled, Jacqueline comes home.  It’s because the film, whilst promoting, have successfully pushed the Filipinos to watch Give Up Tomorrow. A documentary that shows the complete opposite of what Viva Films wants the people to perceive. Continue reading “Paco Llarañaga and family should thank Viva Films”

Book Review: Dreamseller by Brandon Novak & Joe Frantz

by Brandon Novak/Joe Frantz

As a writer myself, I do believe that books are gifts to society. But this Memoir by a former professional skateboarder turned junkie, named Brandon Novak, is just exceptional. For some reasons;

– it’s real
– it’s disturbing
– it’s heartbreaking
– it’s fist clenching
– it’s enlightening
– it’s inspiring Continue reading “Book Review: Dreamseller by Brandon Novak & Joe Frantz”

Isla ni Michael (Dagli)

Gaya ng mga nakaraan niyang panaginip, isang nanamang eksena ang muling nasaksihan ni Alexis na nakikita niya lamang sa tuwing ang mga mata niya’y nakapikit at ang kanyang diwa ay wala sa dimensyon ng realidad. Ang anak niyang si Michael, na palutang-lutang sa laot habang yakap ang bolang niregalo niya sa bata nuong ika-anim na kaarawan nito. Continue reading “Isla ni Michael (Dagli)”

Creak in the woods

“Creak in the woods”
Juan Bautista


“Get up son. It’s time.” Rico’s father beamed in excitement. For that day was hunt day. They were about to go to the woods for a two day hunting. “Comin’ Pops.” Rico answered scornfully. It was a cold four  o’clock in the morning and his body didn’t want to leave his bed that early. And in fact, he doesn’t even have a mite of interest. A ten year old boy should be watching TV, playing and sleeping on the weekends. Not to crawl and crouch in the middle of the desolated woods, and wait patiently for hours in a chilling weather holding a crossbow and binoculars. Continue reading “Creak in the woods”

BASAG is still open for story submissions (May 31, 2018)

Call for Submissions:

PSICOM Publishing Inc. is now accepting manuscript submissions for LITERATI Imprint entitled “BASAG: Modernong Panitikan ng mga Kuwentistang Wasak”.

About the Anthology:

BASAG: Modernong Panitikan ng mga Kuwentistang Wasak, is an anthology written in Filipino, to be released by PSICOM Publishing Inc. under its Literati Imprint. PSICOM’s Literati author, Juan Bautista, will be the anthology editor. Continue reading “BASAG is still open for story submissions (May 31, 2018)”