Manny Pacquiao won by unanimous decision against Adrien Broner

Manny Pacquiao (61 wins, 39 by KO, 7  losses, 2 draw) once again, proved he ain’t done with the sport of Boxing.

A convincing unanimous decision was awarded to the 8-Division world champion against Adrien Broner (33 wins, 24 by KO,4 losses, 1 draw) at the MGM Grand Las Vegas for Pacquiao’s first title defense for his WBA Welterweight title.

The 40 year old Pacquiao outclassed the 29 year old Broner in a welterweight clash (with Floyd Mayweather in attendance) by using his jabs and footwork effectively. Obviously that was not the Pacquiao with the same caliber when he fought Antonio Margarito (God forbid) but still, AB cannot do anything against the future Hall of Famer who is 11 years his senior and just a few more steps away from retirement.

Broner, failed (or totally forgot) to use his jabs in setting up the right cross. He landed a few accurate punches but I believe that was not enough to nic at least the close rounds. He could have been effective in the middle of the ring but he did not use the jabs more often to throw a more damaging right cross.

Then came round 7, when Broner realized that Pacman’s left straight is still deadly as it could be when it landed right at the button that put him to the ropes and suffer with Pacman’s barrage of punches.

It was an easy win for the Champ. Broner did not engage. Forgot to jab. Hence, AB failed to unleash the right cross (should be the primary weapon against a southpaw). Seriously, AB neither watch Marquez vs Pacman nor gave a damn on learning the blueprint. He did not deserve to be there. Honestly. He was catching flies at MGM swinging wild punches like a noob.

And how awful AB was in his post fight interview. Man, he has the guts to say he beat Pacquiao for landing more accurate punches. I normally blink as normal person, but damn, I don’t know what the hell he was talking about.

Here is my round by round analysis while watching the fight;

Pac vs AB

Rnd 1: 10-9 Pac (more punches)
Rnd 2: 10-9 Pac (combinations)
Rnd 3: 10-9 Pac (jabs and straights)
Rnd 4: 10-9 AB (Jabs and counters)
Rnd 5: 10-9 Pac (combos / punching volume)
Rnd 6: 10-9 AB (very close, ended with AB’s accurate 1-2)
Rnd 7: 10-9 Pac (AB, troubled)
Rnd 8: 10-9 Pac (AB, not landing any)
Rnd 9: 10-9 Pac (combos, power punches)
Rd 10: 10-9 Pac (nothing happened actually)
Rd 11: 10-9 Pac (AB, not engaging)
Rd 12: 10-9 Pac (C’mon AB!)

10 Rounds to 2 (Pac)

Congratulations to Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao for another win. But please, no more Mayweather BS. You’re both legends in the sport.  More to give, but nothing to prove.

– TheGatekeeper83


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