Book Review: Dreamseller by Brandon Novak & Joe Frantz

by Brandon Novak/Joe Frantz

As a writer myself, I do believe that books are gifts to society. But this Memoir by a former professional skateboarder turned junkie, named Brandon Novak, is just exceptional. For some reasons;

– it’s real
– it’s disturbing
– it’s heartbreaking
– it’s fist clenching
– it’s enlightening
– it’s inspiring

On the first few pages, you will be shocked. Then came a story about a girl named Alexia, you’ll wish that Brandon Novak was just right in front of you while telling his story so you could pound a damn brick on his half-empty skull. Then suddenly, you’ll feel sorry for him. And before you reach the end, you could hate him or love him. It doesn’t matter anyway. What matters the most are the lesson, inspiration and realization of things. Especially to the those (including me), who don’t have a mite of idea how drug addicts deal with life.

I am talking about a guy who chose to stop achieving his goals in life, in a snap. As simply as tossing a donut outside of the window because it was unsweetened.

This book is bursting with a plethora of emotions that you will not feel on other memoirs. For this story – is true. True in the truest sense of the word. And the way he told his story was way beyond great. I don’t know how long Novak and Frantz wrote this literary masterpiece, it’s just like – Novak was telling me a story just a couple of feet away from me because I remember frowning alone in my room while he’s telling how he stinks.

Brandon Novak (a native from Baltimore), is a former Professional Skateboarder turned junkie. Most readers know about this prior to reading his book. But the way he ruined his life by using heroin that only God knows why on earth did He let those demonic crystal bits/powder spread throughout the world , was – unreal.

Novak’s story is so devastating, hence, it is inspiring.

I don’t know if he was destined to be a junkie but one thing I’m sure, he turned to an inspiring and uplifting person from being the last person who I wish to bump with in every corners of the world.

God bless him.

Now, how good is this book? How would I rate it? 5 stars? 5 thumbs up? 5 dicks? Man, I don’t know. But this is simply one of the best non-fiction books I have read in a while. And I know some people (especially the readers of this type of literature) would find this absurd, but I would say this bold statement anyway, Dreamseller puts some transgressive literary works to shame. For two reasons;

First, it’s REAL. And second, Brandon Novak is very much alive today and living the life as a street hero. He is just a dial away for the people who need help to battle their addiction.

It’s really amazing that his life twenty years ago was so fucked up, decided to write the story while still on drugs, eventually he became sober. And came up with an inspirational book that could save thousands of lives.

From a piece of shit – to a gift to society. Now tell me God isn’t great.

Thank you Novak and Frantz for this literary work! I will keep the book in my shelf and give it to my kids to prepare them for life, soon.



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