Paco Llarañaga and family should thank Viva Films

Yes, you read it right. And I said it not to ridicule Paco Larrañaga or Viva due to the latter’s latest film titled, Jacqueline comes home.  It’s because the film, whilst promoting, have successfully pushed the Filipinos to watch Give Up Tomorrow. A documentary that shows the complete opposite of what Viva Films wants the people to perceive.

Since the release of “Jacqueline comes home” trailer, it boosted the interest of the Filipinos about the Chiong Murder case which occurred in 1997. Prior to this film, there was a Documentary film by Michael Collins and Marty Syjuco titled “Give up tomorrow”.  It was released in 2011 and gain rave reviews from critics and won awards internationally.

Based on Collins and Syjuco’s documentary, the outcome of this case about the murders of the two daughters of Mr. Dionisio and Mrs. Thelma Chiong against the seven accused, led by Filipino-Spanish Paco Larrañaga was appalling. Not by the fact that the case has been closed years ago, but because of the echoing flaws and mad inconsistencies surrounding the trial. Here (Give up tomorrow), the viewer will realize how the combined power of the Government and Media could manipulate not just the justice system but worse, the mind of the millions who were eager and impulsive for quick justice.

Let us admit it. Even today, we could judge a random person just by reading the title of an article. And probably, five to eight out of ten Filipinos would believe in anything that the media will present. And one of the best examples of this harrowing reality was the Chiong Murder Case, two decades ago.

It’s not necessary to tell the whole story in this article. It has been voiced out years ago and finally, now, millions are listening to what Larrañaga et al has been saying to prove their innocence. From the culinary school where Larrañaga was studying, his classmates, friends and family who seemed to be explaining to a dead wall back in 1997. No one wanted to hear their side, and the justice system simply complied on what the government and the nation were demanding at the time, false justice.

I may sound like a judgmental prick to others, especially to the Chiong family. Who am I to judge, right? But I am just one of the people who were convinced that Paco Larrañaga is innocent. Due to the fact that Larrañaga was in Manila at the time when the crime happened in Cebu, if proven true, then this could be the most  convincing case of teleportation.  He was already sentenced before being nabbed by the police in Manila. And again, the people were enraged for this was the most wicked case at the time.

No one could imagine the situation of Paco Larrañaga. I mean, man, the whole nation was against him. All the support and sympathy goes out to the Chiong family especially to Mrs. Thelma Chiong. A woman known to many as the poor mother of two daughters who were kidnapped and raped. Crying for justice.
Hence, I can’t fathom the fact that this same woman, was seen giving gifts to the man (Davidson Rusia), who confessed on the murder of her own children. Rusia was soon released after his confession to the crime.

In conclusion, since the case was already taken to the supreme court, technically it’s over. But justice is far from being served. For both the victims and the suspects. No one deserves to be denied justice, whether you’re a victim or a suspect, no one.

And I hope that this sudden turn of events will give the best for all the families involved. This is destined to happen, people. Because as the saying goes, the truth always prevail. But the question is, when?



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