The Philippines. Thousands of tourists from all over the world travel every year to experience numerous destinations way beyond the imaginable. Beaches, lakes, mountains, food, events. As the tourism motto says, It’s more fun in the Philippines.

Albert Blackstone, an English-American Anthropologist based in California had just arrived in the country. Not to experience a luxurious holiday on the beach, but to study. He put back the Travel Magazine in the seat pouch and went to the washroom. It’s been a long-tiring travel aboard Philippine Airlines.

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(First published by the Philippines Graphic Magazine – February, 2020)

“The story of Marga, is true. She exists. Living alone in the ghastly hut at the foot of Mt. Irid. With the ability to shift to a dog or wild pig, believe me, my son, she is the last person or should I say, creature – you would want to see.”

I frowned as my mother tells the story of Marga. An old woman told to be living alone in a secluded area about a mile near the Groto of Mt. Paruwagan. The story, should be petrifying. If not because of the fact that I, and any other kids in the village had heard the story countless of times from our folks, anyone of all ages would hesitate to roam the streets at night.

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H.P LOVECRAFT: Master of Horror

“What secret would open the gate, wiser men than we would have to find.”

H.P Lovecraft
  (Rats in the walls)

Howard Phillips Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937), is one of the most celebrated storytellers today in the horror genre. Being the genesis of the Ctulhu Mythos and Lovecraftian horror genres, he is not just one of the most read author but arguably the most influential to many modern authors, artists and musicians who we admire today. Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Guillermo del Toro, and the list of notable names goes on. His stories and letters immortalized his name that for every aspiring author/storyteller, it is a must to read his astounding works.

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Habang naglalakad nang nakayuko hawak ang selpon, nagmamadali pero tatanga-tanga, hindi ko sinasadyang natadiyakan ang mga paninda ng isang ale sa gilid ng bangketa. “Ano ka ba? Selpon ka nang selpon hindi ka tumitingin sa nilalakaran mo!” Sigaw sa ‘kin ng medyo may edad nang ale. “Pasensya na ho,” sabi ko, “may nasira ho ba? Babayaran ko na lang ho. Pasensya na.” Patuloy ko habang tinutulungan siyang damputin isa-isa ang mga nagkalat niyang paninda. Continue reading “BIYAHENG BAKAL (Dagli)”

Tao Lang

Isa si Loonie o Marlon Peroramas sa mga hinahangaan kong makatang lirikal. Bukod sa kanyang kahusayan sa paghabi’t paglalaro ng mga salita upang makabuo ng mga bersong may ritmo, may kasaysayan ang kanyang mga gawang sining. Bagama’t mas marami pang nauna sa kanyang larangan, masasabi kong nasa Top 10 siya ng aking listahan sa mga emcees natin sa ngayon. Kaya naman hindi kataka-taka, na milyon ang bilang ng mga sumusuporta’t humahanga sa kanya. At alam niya ‘yon. Alam na alam. Continue reading “Tao Lang”

Manny Pacquiao won by unanimous decision against Adrien Broner

Manny Pacquiao (61 wins, 39 by KO, 7  losses, 2 draw) once again, proved he ain’t done with the sport of Boxing.

A convincing unanimous decision was awarded to the 8-Division world champion against Adrien Broner (33 wins, 24 by KO,4 losses, 1 draw) at the MGM Grand Las Vegas for Pacquiao’s first title defense for his WBA Welterweight title. Continue reading “Manny Pacquiao won by unanimous decision against Adrien Broner”