On Game of Thrones Finale

I would agree that it could be done in a rush. But I liked it. No, I loved it!

I always knew that the Starks are the main protagonists of the TV show.  It’s a no brainer but to think how the story of Daenerys Targaryen ended, the fans – being disappointed is understandable to me. But let’s not forget that George R.R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire is not yet finished as of this writing. Martin planned this series to be in Seven Volumes, to date, only five has been published and the latest one, A Dance with Dragons has been published seven or eight years ago.

Now. On how it ended, why would you want Daenerys to fall after eight years of following her story being the one who freed the slaves, murder the wicked and most of all, helped the North in fighting the Dead?

She’s a Targaryen. Fire and Blood. And by any means necessary, Targaryens would burn anything and anyone who would hinder their way to supremacy.
They are the Targaryens. That’s what they do.

And of all people, why Jon Snow should be her killer?

Because Jon Snow grew up with the guidance of Eddard Stark in Winterfell. And he is the last of the Targaryen bloodline and he has the heart and capability to change everything. From the Targaryen’s reputation to being a one true leader.

This is why I agree that this should be the way to end this great TV series. Again, TV series.

Ice and Fire. Winterfell has both all along in Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen.

Ice will always succumb to Fire. But Ice has the power to numb.

I love the character of Daenerys Targaryen, she did everything what she has to do – as a Targaryen Queen. But the Kingslanding genocide was enough to prove that she turned to a mad queen just like her father. In fact, it seems that she only complied to her father’s last order before Jaime Lannister killed him, which is “Burn them all!”. And yes, it’s enough and just for her nephew to stab her in the chest.

Why Bran the Broken?

C’mon guys. This is a man who knows absolutely almost anything from the past. And it is enough for him to know what and who to avoid. Would you think someone will have the guts to commit treason against a King who foresees the future?

Is Season 8 a result of lazy writing?

Not really. I would say written in haste? Could be I don’t know. For now I need to finish all the books and wait religiously on how G.R.R Martin will finish this masterpiece.

If lazy writing still concerns me regarding this finale, I would point on Ser Brienne of Tarth. Nah! Just kidding. But seriously, she could write ten to twelve pages about Jaime Lannister c’mon now Brienne!


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