KAYUMANGGI: DJ Medmessiah & Moro Beats

As Hip Hop continues to grow in the Philippines over the years, one of the most important elements of the genre is the sincere dedication to artistically vision and represent our own culture. Most Filipino Hip Hop artists write and produce songs about the society, heritage, noble people and of course, the Philippines in general.

One of the most notable Hip Hop artists from the Philippines today, is Mohammed Bansil a.k.a DJ Medmessiah – a Filipino Emcee, DJ and Producer who stands as a bridge for aspiring emcees to hone their skills in delivering messages and knowledge through quality and highly dedicated type of Hip Hop music. A two time Awit Awards nominated Producer, he was also one-half of the Awit Awards nominated rap duo, Dos Fuertes along with his fellow emcee, Boca. DJ Medmessiah has produced numerous songs and beats for a variety of ingenious rap artists both the new and veterans alike. Continue reading “KAYUMANGGI: DJ Medmessiah & Moro Beats”