The Flambeaux

Juan Bautista


The moth flies around the flambeaux like a freeman who believes he’s the king of the world. No one and nothing could waylay as the moth owns everything around the golden sconce when suddenly, an intruder was seen flying around the dim umbrella of light underneath the moth’s cherished territory. The intruder constantly disappears to the dark every time the moth was trying to approach it. It angers the moth. The moth won’t be at peace until it was certain that the intruder would never go back.

As the moth keeps fluttering around the light, patiently waiting for the intruder to come back to battle, it keeps on turning to the flambeaux to make sure that the fire keeps on going, for the moth believes that as long as the fire was there, it has the power. And just like a king, no unwelcome being is allowed inside his kingdom.

But the moth, is no king.

The moth is no king for it needs to wait for the intruder to come back. The moth would never cross to the other side like the intruder did. But the moth will be troubled as long as the intruder lives outside the light. Hence, the moth went close to the flambeaux to invite the intruder back to slay it. And it did come back.

Every time the moth lowered its stable flight, the intruder distant itself. The moth was getting morally indignant on the intruder’s behavior hence, the intruder was winning; for doing nothing.

The fire, was still there. And the moth was certain that that’s what the intruder were after. Territory. Power. And the moth flew nearer to the fire, and the intruder went in again. And a sudden flight forward lured the moth to its death.

The light – was gone, as did the shadow of the moth.


The following night, the flambeaux – will light again.

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