Juan Bautista


“Beautiful people are the enemy, for we are cursed
for not being beautiful.”



The beautiful people hate art. Because art could define
politics in millions of ways. Hence, condemnation.

The beautiful people are getting mad about street art.
For they have their own, it’s called marketing.

The beautiful people’s “art” lures everyone to oblivion.
Our art on the other hand, sends messages to wake
up and enlighten. But hell, we are not beautiful.

The beautiful people are powerful. So powerful that
they could reverse everything under the silent Sun.

That’s why they’re beautiful. That’s why they’re not us.
Never will be.

And despite of their hate for art. They do buy artworks,
though. To imprison them inside their grand chambers.



The beautiful people love politics, it’s their world, so to speak.

No one outside their circle could get in, unless they welcome
them, and eventually, become one of them.

The beautiful people possess the enormous power of public speaking.

They could turn idiots to leaders, and intelligent ones to slavery.

The beautiful people own us. No one is free here, no one is spared.

The beautiful people are prophets. And we are all baptized by them.



Beautiful people love music. They love it so
much that they turned it to business.

Musicians started to dream outside the box,
they embraced the consequences, in respect
to the beautiful people.

Music makes the beautiful people happy,
for they could do anything.

Musicians turned to clowns. Dark rhythms
turned to light. Melancholic lyrics turned to
pale gray.

Everything is made for the beautiful people.
They don’t need to make or contribute
anything, for they are beautiful.



The beautiful people are beautiful,
for they have the cure, and answers.

We are not beautiful. Hence, we cure
our pain with questions, that we’ll bring
to the grave – unanswered.

The beautiful people say we’re all
beautiful, inside and out. Nonsense.

Beautiful people turns our dirty palms
to gold dust.

We are not beautiful,  because of the
beautiful people.

We are just born to die, because of the
beautiful people.

We are nothing,
because of the beautiful people.


The beautiful people need no respect, wisdom and nobility.
They just require your applause, regardless of the reason.

The beautiful people are fully aware of their maddening
beauty, hence, self-righteousness.

They don’t argue with creatures like us. Thinkers to them are
whiners, the oppressed- playing victims.

The beautiful people don’t have a mite of respect to human lives.
Jewelry, carpets, chariots and chandeliers are way more worthy
than our emotions.

We do exist to them, just like the other things this world has to
offer. We are not invisible to them, of course,

but it is easy for them to deny us.

Because of the simple fact, that they’re beautiful.




“In conclusion, whatever these beautiful people offer, it won’t make us beautiful.

We are divided, at war against each other. Because we are not beautiful.”





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