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Are you getting fed up either wearing or seeing typical overpriced shirts that aren’t cool at all? Well, based on your Taste and Style so to speak. Since when is the last time you’ve been roaming in a clothing line boutique and ended up telling this to yourself, “This is what I wanted.” ? Or cursing a white shirt (with a print design that says “Love Ko ‘INSERT BRAND NAME HERE’ :)” in 6×2 inches black or red print after seeing the tag price? It’s like they are selling an election shirt from a goner politician, the difference is… It’s Branded!

Let me tell you a story back in college, I have only 4-5 shirts for school (we don’t have uniforms). And we’re not poor. It’s just I believe all those years since I was a kid, I really don’t give a damn on my top! I even recall one of my peers making fun of me, (sabi na nga ba yung Adidas na maroon ang suot mo eh!Yan ang hula kong suot mo ngayon si Michael hula niya yung Fubu na pula!) And I don’t give a flying f*ck because he, sometimes used to skip lunch to save money and buy a nice shirt or pants for the weekend. And based on his style, a 450-600 peso shirt won’t help…

And every time my mom gave me money to buy a shirt. I’ll just stay and hangout at the arcade and go home empty handed.

But not until I saw my cousin wearing a white shirt with Silverchair’s Frogstomp printed on it. I ask her then, “san mo nabili yan?” she answered “sa Top40! Ganda noh? May isa pa’ko Smashing Pumpkins, Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness nakalagay. Maganda.” she, by the way ain’t got a pinch of a hint who the hell is Silverchair and Smashing Pumpkins!

Then it struck my mind, this is the kind of shirt that I wanted to wear… Band tribute shirts, heavily graphic or minimalist cool statement shirts and the likes.

It was 2011 when I, my wife and my brother started RJ25 Silkscreen Printing Services. Then a couple of months later Element Zero and Loudmouth Clothing followed. Then a friend of mine Rigor founded Grapika Rizal. And just months back my friend Kudos introduced me to Andy. Owner of Third World Clothing.

GrapikaRizal, Loudmouth and ThirdWorld offers street gears and urban apparel that you won’t find inside malls and probably never in those humongous billboards along edsa with your favorite celebrity . But, with designs inspired by a national hero, local musicians, and every idea that represents Filipino Pride. It’ll never be inglorious to give ’em a try.

San Jose, Rodriguez Rizal
Contact: Rigor

Third World Clothing
Tañong, Marikina City
Contact: Andy

LoudMouth Clothing
Burgos, Rodriguez Rizal
Contact: Korn

Please visit our Facebook pages to view more designs, orders and inquiries.



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