Insensitive nitwits and the overly sensitive, what’s the difference?

Insensitive nitwits and the overly sensitive, what’s the difference?

Since yesterday, photos of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia is all over the internet for two main reasons. First, it was stunning. Second, some people (humanitarians, cultural advocates, people against racism or whatever they want to be recognized) find the couple’s pre-nuptial photo shoot (in Ethiopia), insensitive for the natives. Based on my understanding, what they are trying to say is the concept of the photo shoot is some kind of marginalizing and discrimination over the Ethiopians (who happen to be in the photos around the couple). Well, for me it’s not.

As the saying goes, “a picture tells a thousand words”. But the manifold of eyes and mind will always be diverse in terms of taking a message from what people see. And I see nothing wrong. That’s my perception.

Don’t get me wrong people, I understand the issue here. But what I can’t fathom is why do some people think that the couple would want to reflect elitism and superiority over the natives from a different country? Because they look better than the ones in the backdrop? Tell me, who’s stereotyping now?

The thing is, some people think that they are actually living a better life compare to the indigenous people. The term indigenous does not automatically mean that ‘you need to feel sorry for them’. Most of them live in peace, culturally rich, non-cholesterol lifestyle and yes, they are simply contented. In fact, if they will get the chance to see our everyday life in the city, they could be more jubilant.

Look. Racism is everywhere. Insensitive nitwits are all over the place. But if we are being overly sensitive to the point that all we are seeing is negativity then what is the difference?

I truly admire the people who defend the rights of the others. But sometimes, I believe a few are being too much.

Am I pro equality? Yes. Am I against discrimination? A resounding yes. But my point here is, leave the couple alone guys. I am pretty much sure that they don’t have a reason to offend a group of people. You can question the people behind the concept but I have to give them the benefit of the doubt as well. This issue is nonsensical. Oppression and discrimination is currently happening in various parts of the world. And we have our own shit to focus on. The Lumads are getting oppressed for a while until this very moment, Marawi is still struggling, the Aetas need our help and other issues. We need to focus more on that.

Marginalization, oppression, abuse. This is a serious matter and we need to be relevant.


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