Morning Glory \m/

Photo by Alco Guerrero

Morning Glory


Is one of many reasons that music lovin’ Montabeños should be proud of. These musicians are diverse in terms of musical style and influences, hence, they are making great quality music for over a decade now. And speaking of quality music, the band is doing it very well through both instrumental and lyrical excellence. Believe me, for I am one of the fortunate people who witnessed them rock from their early teens up to this day.

I first saw Morning Glory during the ‘last wave’ of rock bands era in Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal (Circa 2003-2005). Playing gigs and competing in battle of the bands around Montalban and some spots in neighboring places such as San Mateo and Marikina. And the band’s vocalist, Yeng or simply ‘Jo’ to her friends was the primary reason why the band immediately received rave recognitions from the rock community at that time, young, pretty and undoubtedly  a very talented individual whom frequently escorted by her ever supportive father. Prior to her monumental triumph in Pinoy Dream Academy back in 2006, I can’t recall seeing Jo in a gig without her father at her side, backstage or simply sitting in a chair while gaily watching his daughter. And I believe that aside from her talent and band mates’ capabilities, that’s the primary reason why Yeng Constantino reached the pinnacle of her dreams at a young age. Because reality says that not all teens are fortunate to have that kind of overwhelming support from their parents, if Rock n’ Roll is concerned. Right? I mean let’s admit it, for most among the youth, if they are about to say to their parents “mom, dad, I like to Rock!”, it’s like trying to sell a glass of sand to someone living in a desert, so to speak. The least adverse response to that is, “go to your room and do your homework.”

But eventually, as we all know, Yeng Constantino is Yeng Constantino now. The pop-rock singer behind the hits “Hawak Kamay”, “Salamat” and many more. An Awit Award recipient multiple times along with other various awards. And a decade after Pinoy Dream Academy, she is still relevant today. She’s not going anywhere, because she’s an ingenious musician who can make good music through her own material . She can sing, pen lyrics and play instruments. And she is backed up by one of the greatest bands hail from Rodriguez, Rizal.

The Band

Paul Ibarra

– is the Lead Guitarist of Morning Glory. He may be younger than many fine guitarists around but his ‘hand’ could put many axe men’s skill to shame. He’s not a show-off type of guitarist though, but he can fill anything that are necessary for the band’s sound.

Paul Ibarra is a fine musician that could backbone any bands out there to perfection. And yes, he’s single.

Emerson Gamat

– is the Bassist. I know him for a while now being my cousin’s best friend. I met him back when our band was still active. A true person, no BS. He will say whatever he needs to say, and he will do whatever he needs to do. A true-blue music enthusiast, with a vast musical influence. You could talk to him about music all day long. He’s also the one half of the duo Chasing Blue Cars.

Kevin Cruz

– the Drummer.  Aside from Nono, Kev was the one that I see and hang out with more often back home. There was a time that, he would visit me and my brother like two to three times a week. Music, stories, booze and Kev. That’s the package to avoid toneless nights. He also has this, crazy-weird but cool playlist. Every time we’re hangin’ out and play his songs it was like, yeah, weird but actually good. A song by AC/DC followed by a ballad of Cristopher Cross? Megadeth and South Border? Cool right? Well, that’s how huge his interest in music and that made him a kickass of a drummer. He’s very appreciative for most types of music, hence, he is a great musician.

Niño Pabillano

– is the latest addition to the band. An excellent instrumentalist, and exceptional vocalist. We’ve known each other since we were kids. Back in the day when we were like, seven or nine years old I use to see him jam with his older peers. Prior to his time with Morning Glory, Nono’s already known to the local band community in our hometown due to his past bands such as Psycho Shitzu, Teef and most notably, Hesus Rodriguez.  He also became a finalist in MTV & Colt 45’s Rakista Challenge and jammed with Bamboo and Sandwich.

Despite having much contemporaries in Rodriguez as a guitarist, I would say Nono is probably the most effective. His credibility as a musician validates from his over two decades of experience and his flexibility, being able to practice a variety of genres. Rock, Jazz, Ballad and Soul. He did it, man. Effortlessly. In fact, he could record his own music all by himself, for aside from being a superb guitarist, he also plays the Bass, Drums and Keyboards very well. That’s how badass of a musician my pañero is. He is our very own Rico Blanco.

Now for the band as a whole, I believe everything was spontaneous in terms of formation. They’re from one circle of friends who happen to be musicians, that’s why Morning Glory is still rock-solid until now. Some bands were formed via auditions or referrals. Intentionally. In their case, they are friends. And a good relationship is the primary foundation of their success as one.

They could have different personalities but if I want to define them as one, I would say “great music”.

This is Morning Glory guys. They are the real deal. And they have just launched their single “Sulyap” last Friday (Feb 02, 2018).

And in behalf on Montalbeños and true OPM enthusiasts, congratulations! Rock on! \m/



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