LOUDMOUTH CLOTHING Street Wear & Urban Lifestyle


LOUDMOUTH Clothing Street Wear & Urban Lifestyle

Independent Clothing are getting widely known and fortunately, supported by many nowadays. Thanks to social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, marketing and promotions is just a click away to conquer the world wide web to display and sell your stuffs.

It is innate for most Pinoys to wear t-shirts, being in a tropical country and public transportation (an everyday nightmare especially riding the mrt during rush hour) is spontaneous. Whether we are going to the mall to shop and relax, attend gigs, get some booze on random bars and even at work. Street gears such as cool looking shirts, backpacks, caps, sunglasses and sneakers is a part of our everyday lifestyle.

One of these underground clothing lines is LOUDMOUTH Clothing. Based in Rodriguez, Rizal. It offers unique designs that will fit your typical Pinoy Urban Lifestyle.

ocal Hip Hop Artist KUDOS

Founded in 2011, LOUDMOUTH Clothing is one the real deals ( along with Grapika Rizal ) in Rodriguez with its simple but unique design concepts that mirror our local society and culture. In just barely 3 years after it was founded by Karl Bautista, LMC have been embraced by Local Music Lovers ( they also have tribute shirts for our Legendary rock legends such as Asin, Juan Dela Cruz etc. ) , Skaters, Rockers and Hip Hop Artists.

Nono Pabillano (Morning Glory Guitarist) photo credit : Rinna Leong

Along with our Local Artists especially from Rodriguez, Rizal, let us support our local brands as well and walk the streets with pride and character.



* Credits to all photo owners


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