Filipino Movies Every Noypi Should Watch (Part I)

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I’ve been a fan of Filipino Movies since childhood. Whether it’s horror, action or comedy, I really enjoyed watching them especially during the afternoon (Sine Klasiks).  Those were the days! From Lito Lapid’s peculiarly arduous stunts, Ramon Revilla’s “Anting Anting” movies, FPJ’s epic 50 punch combo to his favorite victim Paquito Diaz, to Dolphy’s hilarious conversations and misadventures with Babalu and Panchito. Continue reading “Filipino Movies Every Noypi Should Watch (Part I)”

LOUDMOUTH CLOTHING Street Wear & Urban Lifestyle


LOUDMOUTH Clothing Street Wear & Urban Lifestyle

Independent Clothing are getting widely known and fortunately, supported by many nowadays. Thanks to social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, marketing and promotions is just a click away to conquer the world wide web to display and sell your stuffs. Continue reading “LOUDMOUTH CLOTHING Street Wear & Urban Lifestyle”