Magsulat Tayo

Tara, magsulat tayo.

Disinuwebe anyos lang ako nang umpisahan kong isulat ang “Hector”, taong 2003 at natapos ng 2013. Idagdag pa ang halos isang taong paulit-ulit na pagbabasa at pagwawasto at inilathala ko itong mag-isa noong 2014. Sa tulong nina Michael Bryan Alegria at Golden Maestra bilang proofreaders, masasabi kong matagumpay naman ang kinalabasan ng kauna-unahan kong nobela. Continue reading “Magsulat Tayo”


JB x Anygma


Happy Anniversary Fliptop Battle League!
Note: This interview took place late last year.

One of the well-known personalities in local Hip Hop community to date is Anygma (Alaric Yuson). The eminent President/Founder of FlipTop Battle League, emcee and son of well-respected Poet and Novelist Krip Yuson. He gained fame and respect by being the FOUNDER/Main Organizer, host and referee who always at the middle between two or more emcees engaging in a 3 – 1 minute rounds of battlin’ with words. Continue reading “JB x Anygma”

Dos Mil Diecisiete


Happy New Year Rockstars!

Isa na namang taon ang nakatakda para ipagpatuloy ang buhay. Mga bagong problema, bagong isyu, bagong katarantaduhan ng mga peeps na walang magawang matino sa buhay at kung anu-ano pa. Kung tutuusin, bago pa lang magtapos ang taong 2016, madami pa ring nangyare. May tinamaan ng ligaw na bala, bulagta rito, bulagta riyan, sex scandal ng ilan sa mga paboritong i-follow ng mga netizens, pagtatalu-talo tungkol sa pagmumura ng presidente,  at pagtakbo ni Gen. Bato matapos umusok sa mismo nyang mga kamay si “Goodbye Delima”. Continue reading “Dos Mil Diecisiete”

Juan Bautista for PULP Magazine 2016


“After the positive feedback generated by his previous short story contribution Kuwerdas, Fiction writer Juan Bautista returns with the original prequel to his five-part chronicles.” –

“Gihay” is Juan Bautista’s second short story featured by PULP Magazine. Please grab a copy of their May 2016 Issue (Issue No. 177).
Thank you PULP! \m/

The drought-stricken strugglers of Kidapawan


As of this writing, I just read a news that the Philippine National Police (PNP) is bound to a Methodist Church where our poor, miserable farmers took shelter after they have been chased, sprayed with water cannons and worse, fired with rifles to search for firearms. This is because the PNP claims that the protesting farmers are the ones who started the turmoil. Just yesterday, while having breakfast with my family in Doha, Qatar, I was browsing the web when I suddenly got shaken by a newslink stating ” At least 1 dead, many wounded as Police fire on Cotabato human barricade.” with a heartbreaking photo of a bloodied farmer. Continue reading “The drought-stricken strugglers of Kidapawan”

Takeover vs Ether


“Takeover vs Ether”

It’s been 2 months that Jay-Z’s “Takeover” and Nas’ “Ether” has been constantly played in my car every morning (I use to drive my wife to office for 30-45 minutes everyday) and yes, I’ve been abusive to this two tracks in the past weeks. It’s been over a decade since the ‘beef’ between Jay-Hova and Nasty Nas began and up to this day, it’s a huge of a debate who won or lose on this remarkable battle of lyricism. Continue reading “Takeover vs Ether”